T-shirt Quilt Referral Credits

  • Sam's high school graduation quilt | thequiltaffair.com
  • For each person you refer who has a quilt made with us, you receive a $35 credit toward the cost of a future T-shirt quilt. You can earn a significant discount or, if you have enough referrals, have your T-shirt quilt made free.

How does it work?

Sign up to receive our newsletter. We will use your contact information to keep track of and update you each time you earn a credit. Share our T-shirt quilt images on social media, letting your friends know that you’re building referral credits. When we receive your friend’s paperwork listing you as the referral, we will notify you via email of an earned T-shirt quilt credit.


  • are worth $35 each toward the making of a T-shirt quilt
  • are credited to your quilt account only after your referral has their T-shirt quilt made.
  • are earned for each new customer you refer who has a T-shirt quilt made.
  • do not have any cash value
  • cannot be transferred to anyone else
  • credits do not expire
  • credits can be combined
  • Only one referral credit per customer referred even if that customer is having multiple quilts made.
  • You can earn referral credit even if you’ve never had a quilt made.