Quilt Top Finishing

Choose from a large variety of quilting designs to enhance your quilt top. There are three price points for Edge to Edge (allover) quilting designs. The cost is determined by the time it takes for the designs to stitch out. Less dense designs without much stopping and direction changes are priced lower than designs that may be more dense and/or intricate. Scroll down to view quilting patterns.


Basic Edge to Edge


Per Square Inch

Intricate Edge to Edge


Per Square Inch

Quilting Cost:  Length (inches) x Width (inches) = Square Inches

Square Inches x Price Point = Cost

Longarm Quilting Order Form

FREEHAND QUILTING is available for .03¢ per square inch.  Freehand quilting can be used if you have a quilt that requires certain areas not to be quilted.  For example, quilts with multiple layers of wool applique look better if the applique is not quilted over.  Quilts with embellishments (these are normally applied after quilting) will require freehand quilting.  Any method of cotton applique can be quilted over with beautiful results.

SEPARATE BORDER DESIGNS are available upon request.  Add .01¢ per square inch to the price point.  If you’ve chosen a Basic design at .015¢ per square inch, adding a border will change the price point to .025¢ per square inch.  Your quilt will also be Stitched-in-the-Ditch between the border and body of the quilt.


HEIRLOOM COTTON/POLY BATTING 80-20 is available for $10.99 per yard.  You may bring your own batting if you prefer.  Any type is accepted.

QUALITY QUILTING THREAD is available in a rainbow of colors for $1 per bobbin.  You may request a specific color or let us choose the best blender.  The amount used depends on the density of the quilting pattern.  A baby quilt can take between 2 and 6 bobbins.  The average is 3.

MACHINE BINDING:  Half-binding or full bindings are available.  The binding fabric should be prepared and delivered with your quilt top and back.  For a half-binding, the binding will be sewn to the quilt top for you to finish.  Full bindings are machine sewn, top and back.

  • Half Binding:  .125¢ per linear inch
  • Full Binding:  .25¢ per linear inch

RETURN SHIPPING:  Flat $5 shipping

PAYMENT:  You will receive a photo of your quilt via email along with the amount due.  Your quilt will be shipped after payment is received.

Your quilt is important to us and will be given the same care we would use on one of our own treasures.

Quilting Patterns

.015¢ per square inch
  • Animal Clouds
    AnimalClouds WM

  • Meander
    Meander WM c

  • Basic Scribbles
    BasicScribble WM

  • Bubbles
    Bubbles WM c

  • Clematis
    Clematis WM c

  • Christmas Lights
    ChristmasLights WM c

  • Maidenhair Fern
    MaidenhairFern WM c

  • Music meander
    Music WM c

  • Spilt Paint
    SpiltPaintAnneBright Wm

  • Flames
    Flames WM c

.02¢ per square inch
  • Feather Lyric

  • Butterflies
    Butterfly WM c

  • Scrollwork
    Scrollwork WM c

  • Feathery
    Feathery WM c

  • Ribbons and Bows
    RibbonsBows WM c

  • Scrolls/Pinwheels
    ScrollsANDflowers WM c

  • Betafish
    BetaFish WM

  • Double Feathers
    FeatherDouble WM c

  • Asian Fans
    E2EFans WM c

  • Banana Leaves
    Banana Leaves WM

  • I Heart U
    IHeartU WM c

  • Mapleleaf Texture
    MapleTexture WM c

  • Climbing Roses
    RosesClimbing WM c

  • Roses and Lilies
    RosesLillies WM c

.04¢ per square inch
  • Snowflakes
    Snowflake SM c

  • Fancy Feathers
    FancyFeatherDense WM c

Choose from many more quilting patterns at Intelligent Quilting.  Search the various categories under the “Panto” heading.  Write down the name of the pattern you like and if we don’t already own it, we will purchase the pattern to use on your quilt.  There is no extra charge to you.  New patterns are added to Intelligent Quilting on a regular basis, so check them out!