How to Order a T-shirt Quilt
  1. Count your T-shirts and determine the approximate size quilt you can have according to the Basic Quilt Price chart.  If you think you may have too many T-shirts, put your least favorite T-shirts in a separate bag and mark as “extras.”  They will only be used if needed, to make your quilt the size you request.
  2. Mark your T-shirts, if needed, with any instructions using blue painter’s tape.  If there are no instructions, all graphics on a T-shirt will be used, including pockets, sleeves, front and back.  Cross off with tape anything you don’t want in the quilt, such as advertisements.
  3. Print and complete the T-shirt Quilt Order Form, noting any special requests.
  4. Box up your T-shirts, order form and deposit, sealing them in a plastic bag.
  5. Ship your box to Quilts by Design, 701 S. Spring Ave., Sioux Falls, SD  57104
  6. We will notify you via email when your box has arrived.
  7. Your T-shirts are cut and the size calculated.  We will contact you with the size and final cost for completing your quilt.  When we receive your approval, we will make your quilt!
  8. When your quilt is completed, you will receive a photo via email along with the balance due.  When payment is received, your quilt is shipped.
T-shirt Quilt Order Form