Frequently Asked Questions 

If you don’t find the answer to your question, please drop us a line!

4-6 weeks. Plan ahead for Graduation and Christmas!
When your quilt is completed, you will receive a photo via email and you can either mail a check or use PayPal.
The price includes everything except the T-shirts you send, unless you request extra options, such as photo transfers, embroidered blocks, star patchwork, or optional border(s).
Everything includes cutting the T-shirts, mapping the layout design, batting, backing and binding fabric, and dense custom quilting.
Batting is the filler between the quilt top and the back of the quilt. It is 80% cotton and 20% polyester for light weight, slight loft and a soft drape.
Quilt shop quality, 100% cotton fabric.
Binding is a separate fabric that encases the edges of the quilt. We use the same 100% cotton, quality fabric for the binding as for the quilt back.
Kona Cotton Colors

A broad palette of colors are available.  Select a color family and we will use the shade that best compliments your quilt.

The quilting is accomplished with a Statler Stitcher professional longarm quilting machine. Some of the designs are freehand and some are digital, like crosshatching, for precision.
They both have their charm. A densely quilted quilt stabilizes all three layers of the quilt and prevents the batting from bunching up with use and laundering.
As few or as many as you choose to send.
If you think you may have too many T-shirts for the size quilt you want, put your least favorite T-shirts in a separate bag and label the bag “extras.” They will only be used if needed to make the quilt the size you request. Any unused T-shirts will be returned with your quilt.
Use blue painters tape and mark an X across any design you do not want used. We will use all designs unless otherwise marked.
Every part of the T-shirt can be used: fronts, backs, pockets, sleeves as well as the seat and legs on sweat pants.
Yes, most of the time. Contact us with special requests and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Yes, it will be reinforced to last longer.
Yes, but there will be a small charge for any blocks that need to be made larger.
Not usually as the quilt could be ruined.
Scraps are donated to a local non-profit. If you would like them returned, please request it.
Yes. Fill out a separate order form for each quilt and bag the T-shirts separately.